2D Pop Art in 3D with Blender

In a departure from my usual content today I’m going to talk about Pop Art, specifically, making Pop Art in Blender. That’s right, using the power of computers and FOSS to recreate something done in the last century.

Pop Art and its bright colour and stylized shape, is most famously associated with Andy Warhol, notably his celebrity portraits, especially one of a particular blonde bombshell. Warhol wasn’t the only pop artist though, other figures like Yayoi Kusama had an influence on the genre.

So, wait, isn’t Blender for 3D Stuff?

Yes, yes it is. And this is 3D. It just looks 2D, because REASONS!

Why wouldn’t you just draw that?

Because we live in the FUTURE!

And also because WE LIVE IN THE FUTURE!


So glad you asked! It’s a basic model, and then a shader with a deceptively simple node tree.

Node tree.

The magic is in shader to RGB node.

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