Colour Corrections

It’s always amazing to me how quickly you can change a photo’s mood just by adjusting the white balance.

I found this little cabin trekking through the Pacific Northwest, specifically, Washington state, and thought it was so cozy surrounded by all the greenery.

Use the slider to see the difference. Can you guess which photo matches how it was in real life?

2 responses to “Colour Corrections”

  1. Shadi Avatar

    Is it the one on the right? it reflects the cold weather that I expect with the color of the leaves, the brown/green tint on the left seems more like end of summer atmosphere.

    I always wonder when post-processing a photo, should I use white-balance to better reflect the atmosphere when the shot was taken, or should I use it for color grading as a photo editing tool.

    1. Ian M. Avatar

      Good guess and clever reasoning! However, the photo on the left is closest to what it looked like in person!

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